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JIS Criminalization Case -- The Cleaners' Life Part III -- by @kurawa #Sinetwit #Justice4Innocent

This morning we will discuss the light ones, but also tearing, okay? We move back to my visit to 3 other cleaners' house.

We start from my visit to late Azwar's house in Pangkalan Jati, Depok through a narrow alley to get to the house.

I met late Azwar's younger sister who studied in SMK. She escorted to their simple house.

Upon arriving, late Azwar's mother (Emak) greeted me. She's selling Gorengan (fried foods) in front of the house. She doesn't earn much but it's enough for daily foods.

Emak said that she has tried to forget about Azwar's case because it's very broken-hearted to remember it. I respected her privacy, I didn't ask much.

Emak said late Azwar "often come home". She felt his presence and sometimes invited him to talk.

I ask about Azwar's daily life. Emak said he is the family's contributor since his father had passed away.

When late Azwar studied in STM, she was scared of student brawl. Azwar was a peaceful and quite kid according to Emak.

After working as a cleaner, he had a side job as motorcycles/cars washer in a steamed car wash. Azwar also diligently went to the Musholla to pray.

He used the money he earned to pay for his sister's study and also to pay for a used-motorcycle installment (It's now ridden by his sister to go to school).

These are late Azwar's mother, his sister, and his elder brother who works as a Go-Jek Driver.

I actually wanted to ask why the family didn't submitted a suit regarding Azwar's death. But it's not done because Emak refused.

I got information from other victims's families that it's prohibited to autopsy Azwar's corpse because of the intervention from one of Azwar's Ustazs

This Ustaz was the one who said it's prohibited to "strip down" the corpse and it had to be burried soon. Emak obeyed him. We respect her belief.

From the information I got, I learned that Azwar's arrest in the midnight was "facilitated" by this Ustaz by inviting him to pray.

There's a rumour that Emak's house is now partially renovated (walled) because there's a "help" to keep her quite. Hopefully, it's wrong.

Enough from my visit to late Azwar's house, I then still got time to visit another cleaner's house, that's Syahrial's. This was the tense one.

Ugh! What is tense? Do you want the tense or the soft story this morning? Answer me fast!

Hahaha... You crazy face, you all turn out to like the tense ones. Upside and downside are tense, it's danger!. Alright, be ready!

Syahrial's house is located in Parakan, Pamulang II. It is inside the villages because Syahrial's brother is well known as goat seller.

Then I met Syahrial's mother. She is old but still agile. Thanks God, they'are all healthy, Syahrial's wife and his 5 years old son.

This is the appearance of Syahrial's mother, wife, and son. The background is their house.

In this visit, I talked to Syahrial's brother (Bang Andi), whom follows this case from the beginning, more.

At Syahrial's first pick-up, His brother has actually been informed that Syahrial would be assigned as suspect. Syahrial was asked to move.

But Syahrial insisted he will face it because he was so sure that he's innocent. (Info about Awan's and Agun's torture has spread out at that time)

Whe he was picked up, he said to be a witness. He asked permission to pray (sholat) beforehand in order to God gives him the strength.

From the 3 cleaners' confession (Zaenal, Agun, and Awan) and Syahrial's Defense Letter, it's proven that Syahrial endured the longest torture.

Syahrial was able to hold and to not admit the sodomy insistently for almost 12 hours.

The worst tortures were when he had a lit cigarette thrust into both of his eyes, his ears were stapled, and his genital was rubbed by balm even chili sauce.

There's one touching moment when Syahrial has finished interrogated, Agun asked permission to help Syahrial relased the staples from his ears.

Syahrial was once accused being "invulnarable" beacuse eventhough his body was black-and-blue, but his face was fine. He said because he's still having ablution (Wudhu)

Thanks God Syahrial is in good fate, At the moment, he is the only one still enthusiastic that they are innocent. This proof came from my visitation to the prison.

Back to Syahrial's house, his brother said he often talk tough to Syahrial in hadling this case so they're like opponent now.

I could only tell Syahrial's brother that in this situation, emotion's often present, "I am sure it's beacuse you love each other." 

In front of Syahrial's wife, he said that since Syahrial suffered from hernia, he had sexual disfunction. So, how come he can sodomize?

From all of the suspect cleaners, Syahrial was the only one who had son already ( 2+ years old) at that moment. So, it's a bit strange to suscpect him.

There were many touching moments in which Syahrial as a father felt so hard to be apart with his son. He said to his son that he's working.

So, everytime his son asked "Mom, where's dad?" Syahrial asked his family to tell him that he's still unable to go home because he has to work (in jail)

I've uploaded the touching photo of Syahrial and his son in my Instagram @tetapkurawa. Check this out. I guarantee your money back if you don't cry.

Have you finished the sad and the tense? What's next?

I hope so much Syahrial's brother could coordinate the families of JIS criminalization victims so they are more unified to face this.

Syahrial's economic is not so good either, relying only on his brother.

My last visit was to Agun's house in Pondok Ranji, South Tangerang. The location can only be reached by one car in line.

His family are native to Jakarta (Betawi). I met his father (Babe), his mother (Enyak), and his wife (mixed of Javanese and Lampung) and his one and a half years old daugther (she is so cute)

Agun's economic condition is better than other cleaners. Babe had provided him a small house attached to the bigger house.

When Agun was arrested, he was just married not so long, she was in her 7 month pregnancy. She's so shocked. This was her first pregnancy.

His wife believes her husband has no sexual disorder. She believes Agun is normal. There's no sexual disorder.

At her pregnancy, Agun's wife fought for her husband freedom. She was suffering much that time.

Therefore if you search in google for TV programmes broadcasting about this JIS case, you'll find Agun's wife who fought for her husband.

This is the appearance of Agun's wife and the cute Nabila.

Agun's wife said that Nabila wanted to be carried by her father (Agun) if she's persuaded with ice-cream in the prison. They visited him once in 3-4 weeks.

Agun just said "Don't visit too often." Considering that they have to rent a car (big family), so it's enonugh just by over the phone.

Agun's mother just said "Resign to God all this test. I can only pray if Agun can pass this, he will be happy in the future."

Enough for today, alright? It's time to work again. Serial tweets are still long enough and many things will amaze you.

Once more, I only quoted all remarks and statements from the cleaners' families side. I've visited 6 families in order to get accurate facts.

SMK (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan) = Vocational High School
STM (Sekolah Teknik Menengah) = Industrial High School
Ustaz = a person who teaches about Islam

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